Cry to laugh in eighteen seconds…

Part 10 is done. Some of you enjoyed it and I'm happy you did (catch it here.). I could have taken this mini series in many directions, and to be fair, I still could. For now, however, I will park the story while I concentrate on my main work in progress, a contemporary fiction set… Continue reading Cry to laugh in eighteen seconds…


The End Is Just The Beginning. Radhanagari Damsel; Part 10

His plane was due to take off in four hours, and he had checked out of the hotel and said goodbye to the cute receptionist. "Till next time Mr John and I am again very sorry you had this unfortunate experience while with us." "Don't mention it." he attempted a smile while he signed his… Continue reading The End Is Just The Beginning. Radhanagari Damsel; Part 10


Silver drops and fountains of strength…

I was disappointed to wake on the Sunday in Milan to discover I was wearing only one of my earrings. I had bought them specifically for my trip and I only wear silver. "What a shame." Said my travelling companion supportively as we shuffled around the apartment nursing sore heads and making cups of restorative… Continue reading Silver drops and fountains of strength…

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Am I dreaming?

A fellow blogger, whose posts I enjoy, nominated me (MEEE πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆ) for this Mystery Blogger Award and I am so excited and grateful (and suspicious that she might have typed my name in error! That blogger is .. stylethatright A fun place to sit back and listen to advice on style, make up and general… Continue reading Am I dreaming?


Cheese honey β€˜n pairs

Grammar and spelling, while essential to the finished work, can be placed to one side temporarily while a first draft is spat out, whether you are talking novel, short story, blog, email or text. Before you press publish, post or send, you should ideally pause and re-read your work, taking the time to follow the… Continue reading Cheese honey β€˜n pairs


Cathedrals and vineyards… (#wordprompt)

I don't do travel blogs. I leave those to the experts who know answers to questions like "what time does that open?" ... and ... "how much is the tram?". "I know narthing" said - coincidentally - in an Italian (or was it Spanish?) accent I believe. Who the hell was that? Manuel from 'Faulty… Continue reading Cathedrals and vineyards… (#wordprompt)


Vodka Martini .. rather shaken actually…

The name's Bleu, Viola Bleu. I'm on a mission, to research the dark streets in the outskirts of Milan to find my main character for my second novel. I will know him when I see him, the angle of the jaw has to be just right; not merely stubble-covered. His lips will be kissable and… Continue reading Vodka Martini .. rather shaken actually…


Truly, madly, deeply… Milan

Hannah and I landed at Milan Linate mid afternoon to be welcomed by blue skies and the setting sun .... what a contrast to UK's persistent drizzle! (That is boring indeed. Update it to poetry maybe? 🌸 Left the greys to find the Blue, While far away I dream of you. Time with her, just… Continue reading Truly, madly, deeply… Milan