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Life slows down in the Highlands of Scotland

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Two weeks ago, we drove the eight and a half hours from East Anglia to the Cairngorm mountains, a beautiful town called Grantown our final destination.

Grantown-on-Spey, as its name suggests, is built on the banks of the River Spey, an often fast-moving copper coloured river. Vast sums of money exchange hands each year for quality salmon fishing and purpose built huts along the river provide heat and luxury seating for the wives, girlfriends or partners of the serious fisherman who will patiently wait for hours for a bite!

Photo credit – my own!

Further upstream, the water comes rushing down through a series of gorges between the rocky areas of the lower sections of mountains, providing a haven for wildlife.

The sound of the rushing water mesmorised me until family members reminded me to continue the walk!

A true destination to contrast the buzz of London and the flats of East Anglian farmland, Scotland is truly worth a visit.



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