Once your baby girl; always your baby girl!

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Daily word prompt … WordPress challenge – Varnish

My daughter is 19. She lives and works full time in London, about which we are very proud, and a real plus is that I get to visit my favourite city more regularly than before she moved there!

We usually meet for dinner twice a month, and there’s usually a spot of shopping to be done. Luckily I always arrive with a purse which is rather handy from the point of view of her budget meeting the needs of the week.

Today it was passport renewal time and what a delight to book a same-day application/collection in Victoria, London rather than haul the car up to Peterborough.

After the application was dropped in at the alloted time, we had four hours to kill before her pass to other countries of the world over the next ten years would be ready for collection.

Lunch in Joe & The Juice, Westminster was a perfect mix of healthy smoothies, toasted ciabattas, pretty lighting and background music. Unrushed, we savoured our surroundings before meandering in and out of nearby shops all ready for Christmas.

One must never neglect oneself whilst shopping for others I feel … and this bath oil in ‘Pomegranate Noir’ is purely pour moi!

Nail varnish is one area where my daughter wins hands down – hers is always immaculate; mine usually a little worse for wear!!

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