Move higher – keep going – he’s coming!

Fun with words and photo (which is mine) with a mini creative writing piece in response to WordPress Daily Prompts


We’d been here for hours now, nestled quietly as the dark faded and grey light brought little change in temperature.

Everybody’s legs intertwined as we made our way up the edge of the door frame, the door long ago thrown to the ground.

The warehouse beyond was silent, save for the snuffling of a fox who looked forward to his morning ritual. His paws padded across the dusty floor and he sniffed against the door frame as he reached his pre-breakfast buffet.

His tongue felt the teeny shiny bodies, a quick crunch before he stood on his hind legs for a second mouthful, from higher up the architrave before a sudden crash of glass made him freeze, before turning round to face the danger.

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