Christmas Days from the Past

(Poem linked to the Sunday Photo Prompt!)


Again the shouting

No different to an average Sunday roast.

Seven additional side dishes,

Parents stressed before the big host.


Big bird, not sure I like the taste anyway,

Why the expectation, the hassle and clothes?

The school nativity was promising and fun,

25th and its plans, not so much those.


Tree lights flickering,

Corners of presents escaping cheap paper.

Five fewer chocolate coins,

They may notice later.


Mince pies, eaten since October,

Simply cannot face another.

Grandparents shuffling inside with coats,

Are sat down, to move no further.


I am encouraged to show them my toys,

The remote control car with brake lights,

“oooh”s and “aaaah”s fill the room as they watch,

The gift, more noisy than theirs; the kites.

My favourite decorations are the deer in the snow,

Although he is missing one of his legs.

The fairy is fading and the wreath needs updating,

But I love the globe best, sat below the card pegs.