DAILY WORD PROMPT, Flash Fiction, Poetry

Torn; between loving you and escaping you. (#dailywordprompt)



You call my name but I do not turn around,

I keep walking and stare ahead, ignoring the sound

Because we have been here before and I know the pattern.


Listening for footsteps behind me, my senses heighten,

Breath shortening until I can bear it no longer.   I run,

Run and dirty water splashes up my jeans.


The cold seeps through the denim as I hide in a doorway,

Breathing hard and regaining calm.

I peer past the brickwork but do not see you.


Leaning back, I watch the rain sheet fall in front of me

Extra drips from the sign create a row of crowns on the slabs.

Swish, swish, swish – the cars repeat their passing.


Dusk creates the chance for colour lights to be reflected

From shop lighting and that of headlights.  A black cab slows,

and I glance inside at the steamed up rear window.


Your face appears from behind the fog.  You look my way,

Your black eyes staring, no smile now as you pass.

Go away.  For good this time.  This pattern is over.



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