Cherish the memories … #wordprompt

wordprompt -<a href=”http://Cherish“> cherish

Like millions of families across the world today, we ate with extended family and came together to enjoy beautifully prepared food (my donation was roast potatoes, then a trifle) lovingly presented to share.

Three separate families of four; twelve in total to devour, then walk it off, followed by a snooze in front of the wood burner and the annual vision of MaCaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’ (great film – always astonishes me how young he was when they filmed it!).

My dear departed grandmother (the very same whose jewellery should have come my way) was famous for her Christmas trifle. Nowadays, I prepare one and the combination of fruit, jelly, ladies fingers or sponge varies from year to year, depending on my mood. Sometimes I add alcohol and risk the smaller relations turning their nose up; other times I leave it out.

Granny always decorated the top of her trifle with silver, edible, but tooth-damaging balls, or occasionally parma violet flowers.

These memories, we should treasure and cherish because without them tradition endeth.

To the youngest members of the family, watching a silver-haired “old lady” talk at the screen was a tedious pause in their new nerf-filled jaunts around the house, but now to me, being middle aged (how did that happen), listening to The Queen is an honour. Lilibet is an inspiration in my eyes and her ability to ride the waves of change and unrest at home or abroad is a character trait many of us would not possess in her shoes.

I cherish The Queen. Her and my granny’s trifle. Long live tradition!

Happy Christmas you guys – enjoy the rest of your evening as the hard work is surely over now…