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No Ordinary Girl

#cherylelaine #bookreview

I am beyond excited.

Cheryl Elaine has sent me a signed copy of her debut novel which I read six weeks ago and was blown away by it. While I don’t generally do book reviews, as I’d rather leave those to the experts who know what they are doing, occasionally I read a book which I want to shout about because it was incredible.

To produce a work so harrowing to read, yet so gripping and breathtaking in its suspense … for a first book is outstanding.

Human trafficking is the background, Aimee the main character. Her forced journey into the clutches of this underworld of sordid profiteering is documented by Elaine in minute painful detail.

Her research into this subject matter proves that the practice is ongoing, daily, even in the UK while we all bumble along wondering what to eat for dinner later.

If you enjoy a fluffy romance, I suggest you do not open these pages of dark exploitation.

As an avid reader of a wide selection of genre, I can tell you this book will stay with me. Elaine’s writing style is the type I love and her next book is on its way and if it is half as good as this debut, then it will fly off the shelves.

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