Thank you and Goodnight….

They've gone, they've gone! The relatives have finally departed; early by some standards perhaps, but my now evident virus has gripped its spiky fingers around my tonsils and filled my skull with cotton wool, so I am grateful to be lying on the sofa listening to the air drawing through the woodburner like some distant… Continue reading Thank you and Goodnight….


Time might be shorter than you think….

This photo has no relevance to this post, or Millie or Louise Allan, but it's bloody hilarious and made me smile. Millie Schmidt posted such a lovely blog, I have to share it with you. Her enthusiasm for a fellow blogger and writer, and now published author, is infectious as you read the post and… Continue reading Time might be shorter than you think….


Just a little crush 🌸

I have had a husband for a quarter of a century. I am in love with 007. I watched Top Gun over eighty times because Maverick was my hero. I am pretty sure I am 100% heterosexual. However.... There have been one or two (or three or four) females whose forms I cannot help but… Continue reading Just a little crush 🌸


Aim high, but remember your breathing apparatus

Travel posts from bloggers provide us with unique experiences of different parts of the world from individual points of view, and this I love.   However, I found a site today while perusing short story competitions - about which I would like to start thinking - and must share the link with you. By Friday… Continue reading Aim high, but remember your breathing apparatus


Sticky Toffee Pudding anyone?

As the dish went in the oven, I admit the ingredients could have looked more appetising. But this is the truth of the process; sticky toffee pudding before its glory on the plate, and the gunky sweetness which sticks to the back of your teeth. This photo is the real life part of the fantasy… Continue reading Sticky Toffee Pudding anyone?


Gorgonzola, grapes and honey. No pickle thank you.

I had to. I've been dreaming about this mix ever since I sat in that café on the cobbled street watching passers by exploring Milan in the shadow of that gothic holy place exactly a week ago. I had to attempt to recreate THAT luncheon I so enjoyed. Do you remember it? I really needed… Continue reading Gorgonzola, grapes and honey. No pickle thank you.

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Connected 🌸

A quickie today because I have a to-do list as long as my leg (usually they say arm but I prefer to think outside the box and it's a bloody long list). I have a children's book to type up for a friend, about which I am starting to think I've bitten off more than… Continue reading Connected 🌸