Look in the mirror more..


How long can I wait before I start the post-Christmas ‘tidy up’?  I mean, realistically, how long do I have to walk past the collection of cracker gifts sat patiently on the sideboard before their inevitable journey to the bin, but which at the time of explosion brought genuine  ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’ because they were a step up on the 2cm opaque plastic aeroplane, or the one lonesome plastic leapfrog (who at least you can attempt to force into somebody’s wineglass!).

I might actually try and use the bookmark – it will give me the look when reading on the train of a more organised person than the one who uses last week’s train ticket.

The frame is cute.  And pretty useless.  It will undoubtedly end up being pushed from my bedside table if I ever find a photo small enough to place inside it.   The books and the phone and the glass of never-consumed water will take priority in the dark.

Perhaps the bottle opener could be of use to my son who now has a set of car keys.  Although what message is that giving him – drink and drive?

The stumpy thing which was designed to touch your touch screens to save your finger or thumb is simply a waste of time.   By the time you’ve located that in your handbag debris, the recipient of planned text has morphed into next month.

A bulldog clip which opens wide enough to contain perhaps 9 pieces of paper.  Useful.  I’m sure, for …. for cheques!  Collected as I deliver clients’ horse rugs.  Except they all pay by bank transfers these days.  I probably bank fewer than ten cheques a year nowadays.  Holding credit cards together in said bag?

Now, a mirror is a useful thing.   Something stuck in your teeth following what was meant to be just a scotch egg from the garage along with the costa medium-sized coffee which is never quite large enough – yet I’ve yet to choose a large at the machine!   Eyebrow check; lipstick check, sleep in the eye check.  Because you never know when Daniel Craig will walk across your path do you?

Look closer into your mirror and you will see not the things that make you prettier, but yourself or the next generation of yourself perhaps.  Those beings who take your core morals and beliefs into their world and mould them a little to suit their own evolving take on society and what it means to them.

My daughter. My son. (Yes, I could say ‘our’ but this blog is about me, not ‘us’)

Their smiling faces, directed at me stood behind the camera that day, when my son was throwing his spear for England.  But that’s another story, for another day, which I will share with you I promise.

But today, on the first day of a new year, wherever you are, whoever you are with and however you are reading these words, take time to look in a mirror, a reflecting shop window because this year?  Make it about you first.  If your well-being and self esteem is intact, you will have the strength to look after those around you.

I’m going to. xxx


22 thoughts on “Look in the mirror more..”

  1. What a wonderfully positive start to the year. I am yet to write my New Year post – perhaps this says a lot about me or just where I am at the moment – I need the house clear of everyone, my desk clear of all the crap that has gathered there over Christmas (a plastic nativity set, surplus new toys, a hair straightener box… you get the picture 🙂 before I can feel like I’m ready to start the writing year (excuses, excuses I know – I did manage a flash fiction piece on my phone!)
    Brilliant advice – me first … I am getting better at this!
    Happy New Year 😃

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    1. Welcome!!!!! 🥂
      See? I still had a bottle leftover … so happy to share a glass with you.
      I trust you don’t mind ramblings, laughing and little bit of fiction thrown in for good measure.

      Happy New Year!

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  2. If you live in a place where there is even a remote chance of Daniel Craig crossing your path can you please let me know where that is? And…I am old enough to be into the “invisible” age so I won’t distract him AT ALL.

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    1. Quick.
      Write that down.
      Now!…….. now put it on the fridge. Or it will become a quality sentence which will blow away with the empty crisp packets lurking under the sofa (oh sorry, that’s my living room) 🙈

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  3. It’s funny reading this post today. When I started practising mindfulness and wellbeing a couple of years ago I realised that I hated waking up on New Year’s Day with the deccies still up. So yesterday, after a lovely walk in the woods, I packed everything away and blitzed the house ready for January 1st.
    Ps. I had the same Christmas crackers as you 🤣x

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