Pastry and passion..

I can see Riya in her hospital bed … I can hear the blink blink blink of her monitor. I want to write about John’s intense, hidden and growing passion but I am moving around my kitchen, hands covered in flour.

Damn these family members who will insist on eating, like every day! What is wrong with these people? Can I click my fingers for a few hours and render them immobile enabling me to write? I have characters needing development – their stories need to be told! An earthquake to be recovered from… (read part 1 here)

Left the pastry cooling in the fridge a little too long – no-one will ever know that it was falling apart as I rolled. Once it has its contents and mixture … sshh and I’ll get away with it.

You’ll not have to wait long… as I make this quiche, the nurse is checking Riya’s pupils and no-one is overly worried.

I shall post part 5 tonight …. once I’ve had time to locate the daily word prompt and tie it in (although there’s a part of me feeling this story has legs and could stand on its own, without the prompts now. Which is a good sign isn’t it? It’s what prompts are all about. Getting the creative juices flowing!)

What’s that burning???????

Concentrate woman. You cannot multi-task.

Lunch is ready! πŸ’ƒπŸΌ