That’s one helluva star you’ve got there …


Just before we pack the Christmas things away for the next eleven months, I just needed to share with you that the twinkly lights are one of my favourite things about the festive period.  This tree is in the garden of a friend and I walked to a point where the moon met the treetop because it amused me, because it looked stunning (the photo does it no justice).  I smiled as I took it and my hands froze in this icy wind – which allegedly is going to get a lot worse by the weekend!  Great.  

I read a super post this evening from a fellow blogger who has been doing some soul searching these last few months (I’m fairly certain he won’t mind me pinging back to him  as he writes beautifully and amongst the caring, serious moral you will find a cheeky tone here or there and humour makes my day.   Mike2all writes about one of those lightbulb not-so-much moments as phases and once we realise something about our search for the holy grail, there is a release of pressure within.  And that always feels better doesn’t it.

I am so excited about finding a space to post random thoughts (like I really hope I sleep tonight as 4am is a place I have no desire to see) and my funny little flash fiction pieces.   Are you enjoying John’s business trip?  Taken an unexpected turn from how his colleague described it back in London.  Unsure whether expenses are going to cover his extended stay, but I don’t think he will care, do you?  His intrigue has been awakened and he’s told me he needs to stay in India; he has stuff to take care of.   I can only respect and respond to him and write his story for you.

Mwah xxx