To beard or not to beard? That is, I suppose, a question if you’re really, really bored.

Why the hell am I awake? It’s 4am and my body is yearning to be asleep but some bugger inside my brain hasn’t found the off-switch. So let’s talk about beards. (That’s fairly random. Can’t you stick to the plot and write part 6?)

Personally, you just can’t beat a beard. Why? I’m not entirely sure I can explain it. For me, it’s biological – the reaction within when I see well-maintained, groomed facial hair. I’m simply drawn in!

The stubble look is particularity acceptable I find. Google images came up trumps again … although I’m not convinced by the pink lips. Excuse me sir, what lipstick are you wearing because I’m pretty sure that’s mine you have on.

Oh dear, what’s going on here? Poirot meets that burly rugby player from Scotland (you can’t use that; they’ve all got beards!).

What does John look like? If you read part 4, I’ve based him on the photo there. I see him as mid-30s. Eager to do well in India and now Aditya truly needs the help. But John has a whole load of shit (are we allowed to swear on here? I’ve no idea – it’s not live on channel 4 is it, so swear if you must) coming his way shortly.

Least he has that stubble to use as a stress ball between thumb and first finger …. I bet men do that a lot when they are thinking about stuff.

I need sleep, but perhaps when you get into writing a story, and your cogs are turning, much like the turbine at the bottom of the shaft at the dam, you should react and just write. Like I have in fact. (Yes but this post is destined for Boringborough. You’re probably right. I’ll give it 24 hours and if it has 10 likes it can stay – deal? Deal. Now, treat yourself and go to sleep)

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