Nigella Jaws ‘n thoughts …

Come here, quick, before I eat it all.

I’m so excited that people are starting to talk to me about my writing. Seriously; they are. Ten days ago I had 24 followers and someone must have left the door open because another 83 appeared to have wondered in, and sat down😱.

Chat to me while I make this lunch (you need to keep your fuel intake topped up when you blog, or your brain cells go to mush) shall we have tomatoes on top?

Oh John, oh John. I was so keen for his dream to continue. The naughty side of me wanted to see what he would do, although it appeared he was perhaps not the one in control … (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a peak here)

Where’s the damn kettle. Tea? Coffee? Erm… white chocolate mocha please.

Well that worked ok (usually I burn it because I get sidetrack).

GET – hate that word. I shall endeavour from this point forward, for better or worse, never to use it again!

May l just eat this spare bit?  We should share it with John – he likes to eat after a workout.

When I write a story; short, novella or novel…. I usually get to a point where the initial momentum has run its course and then the real hard pedalling needs to happen. I think I’m there with this one.

I could take it in many different directions, covering a variety of morals and life lessons, reaching out to a number of different genres. The exciting part is thinking about which path may lead to the most worthwhile conclusion.

I don’t enjoy reading a book or watching a film with a weak ending. Let me think of one …. while I chop some cucumber (apparently some people are allergic to cucumber can you believe it?)

That’s harder than I thought (finding a film; not chopping cucumber). My point is I like a big finish, like in ‘Jaws’ . When I’ve been waiting with the characters, feeling their anguish and pain, hopes and dreams, I want it (need it) to work. Translate ‘it’ for whatever the meaty part of the story is.

In Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller (in what was actually his second film – the first being ‘Duel’ starring Dennis Weaver) I was willing the three of them to find and kill the shark yes, but the moral or storyline was about belief; when the big shots ignored the problem, the proving of those big shots wrong was really important to me.

Good over evil where the shark wasn’t the evil thing. That makes me sound vengeful and I promise I’m not. I’d sooner walk away from conflict than attack it back (unless my kids were at stake; then dare not you unleash the black witch of hell fury 😂)

Jeeez that was tasty. You wanted a bite? Sorry, you didn’t shout loud enough. Here’s a plate for my son. He’s 17 and is presently re-fitting the interior of his land rover with sound-proofing!

Nigella would be proud…..

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