Adele and the crib (#wordprompt)

Adele’s stunning voice on the ‘skyfall’ track is accompanying me as I agree with her … “This is the end…” of the 12 days of Christmas.

Get out! The lot of you… back in your bubble wrap that each year has fewer effective bubbles. Snap… snap….

I need the space in my house, in my brain, to relax and write. Riya is not quite ready to leave hospital but she’s almost there. Her parents are bringing forward their plans for her as the accident has left them wishing for grandchildren more urgently. Life is precious and sometimes shorter than was assumed it would be. They want her to settle down soon.

My favourite piece – the deer. So majestic and proud, yet stealthy. Not dissimilar to a good 00 agent…

John has his work cut out if he wants to hang around and make a difference. Noticing something and implementing change are two very different things.

Is a spruce not just beautiful, even without its make up? Very winsome in fact …

The variation in colour, the smell of the pine and the texture on your fingers. This will go outside and lay on its side in the edge of the woods (our woods, don’t worry, we do not fly tip) providing shelter for small creatures through the rest of these winter months.

I never did get time to write you lot … so stay dry at the bottom of the box until the end of November when I will get.. no, become, caught up in the pre-Christmas farce that is sending people cards whom you no longer see.

Love these lights… plain white, subtle, sophisticated. Each year I fall in love with Nigella’s kitchen all over again and vow to copy her twinkling lights through her kitchen shelves. (Take them back out of the box then and keep for when you can plan where to place them! Really? You think I should? Most definitely .. because you are repeating your moan; I’ve heard it before, and there is simply nothing worse than listening to the same old same old, so do me a favour and FFS put them up)

I read another article, this morning in my WordPress travels and found the wonderful blogger Truly, Madly, Ordinary and she writes today also about the ending of the festive period. Check it out… I shall be following her from now on.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/winsome/”>Winsome</a&gt;

15 thoughts on “Adele and the crib (#wordprompt)”

    1. I live in UK my fellow blogger 😊 and I do like it here, but not all year round. I would prefer warmer climes while these wintry conditions prevail. Send them away for me if you have the power?!


      1. I thought that you were based perhaps in the Far East. I am like a poor Lear and have not power over the elements that plague us. I hate the bloody winter as well. Wrap up and keep warm?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The Far East is an area which intrigues me and I research a lot!
        Shame … let’s just pray this weekend’s temperatures get bored soon and move off on the Gulf Stream.
        Woodburner calls .. 🔥


      1. It was quite public yes …
        she’s lost a lot of weight (but in my opinion did not need to).
        I don’t have her new book – your sister I hope is treating you occasionally to the tasty treats within?!

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  1. I am delighted to hear you actually send cards at Christmas. I do too and each year I get fewer and fewer sent to me. The whole e-card thing does not appeal to me. I like to have the cards hung from ribbons on the windows. I like to be able to look at them more than once. But now there are so few they can just sit on the window ledge and not be hung up. I know a few friends and relatives have passed on but that does not account for the drop in numbers. Anyway…enough from me. I am glad you observe the 12th night tradition and take the decorations down. All the best for 2018 to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Anne …
      The cards all displayed like you describe bring christmas cheer in their own right I realise.
      In an old English pub two nights ago, every beam was covered in christmassy scenes and they looked amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

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