Romance is not fading …. according to the experts.

What have I done?!

I became a member – of the Romantic Novelists Association💕

Am I ready for this?

Are they ready for me 😬

Joking aside, I left 2017 focused on doing this writing thing. I’ve thought about it on and off for most of my adult life, but allowed work and children and hobbies and husband and other people’s expectations to be used as an excuse for never giving it a serious ‘go’.

It’s 2018 and I am setting goals left, right and all over the place. I wish to learn this trade. Ok, I have a basic grasp of the English language – you may disagree – but I wish to soak up (like a sponge) all and every opportunity coming my way to improve and refine.

If I don’t throw myself off the top, I’ll never know if I can fly will I?!

I need a manuscript, full manuscript, by August to send off to a panel of authors and editors – eeeek 🙊

Can I do that? Is John a contender? No, he is a short story, almost half way done. Instead I shall edit my WIP from NaNo last November; 22,000 words already exist 🥂 (after editing, let’s narrow that down to about 18,000 because I always say too much!).

I fear I shall have to lighten up the dark parts or the Barbara Taylor-Bradford stalwarts will faint in their chairs by chapter 3. (Why did I even say that; I’ve never read a BTB. Maybe they are full of sordid details? Anyone?).

This is one of their claims… so, my lovely male fellow bloggers – is it true?

Come with me on this petrifying journey. Please? Help me, share with me your tips along the way…. if nothing comes of it and in September I receive the email “Thank you but deary me, no thank you.” at least I shalt have learnt a thing or two along the way, and had some tea and cakes at their regular meet-ups.

London. Feb 10th. First meeting and a chance to listen to a romantic novelist winner from last year 😱. Wow. I hope I don’t bow in awe when she walks in.

Shall I book you a ticket?