Sexy, Smart or can you be both?

Two magazines arrived in the post this morning…. and as my awake hours are a permanent juggle of how to allocate my time, tasks and thought processes  constructively, which one do I open, because I know I haven’t got time for both.  I want to write my novel, but I want to be a fitter version of my present self also!

My average day’s brainpower is split as follows;

Horse-rug work repairs (50%), housework (1% must try harder), being good moral support to farming husband (100% because I can multi-task), cooking (3% keep forgetting to buy ingredients), mindfulness (80% I like this one), learning the art of creative writing (60% and want more more more), reading (25% have a list of TBR novels which evidently means I cannot in fact multi-task).

Oh … and now blogging 💃🏼. Nobody mentioned it was really good fun around here. I’d only heard it was THE place to come to check out some amazing unpublished writers doing amazing things with words and photos, so I stopped by a few weeks ago to read and decided to add my ramblings to the pile.

I have just cleared a handbag out of old receipts and found my long-lost perfume, all between paragraphs two and three, so may the multi-tasking thing is doable after all. AND (never start a sentence with ‘and’) did you notice my watermark on this photo? Why anyone would care to steal and use daft photos from moi I’ve no idea, but apparently its all the rage these days, so I downloaded an app to add one – iWatermark.

Back to my choice….

I adore that feeling when you’ve done a run – I managed oooh, let me think, at least three romps around the village last year – or 25 squats in front of the telly, borrowing your son’s free weights, before realising your father in law is stood in the doorway as he came to borrow some eggs (they live 200 yards down the lane).

(If you show these ones, they’ll think you can lift 7.5kgs; where are the 3s? God knows but if we keep quiet, they’ll never know. Artistic licence we’ll call it) But try as I might, I never quite achieve the abs of the girls on the front covers. I can do sixty crunch twists lying on the carpet watching the 118th re-run of Skyfall no problem, but all I achieve is bruised sides (that’s a good thing!). While Barb may not turn the same heads with her cover photo as the anonymous girl on the fitness magazine, and I hate to admit here to you all that I have never (what, NEVER?? 🙊) read one of her books, it doesn’t take a genius to know that she is a household name.  Did you know she was born and raised in Yorkshire although now splits her time between the UK and America, where she lives in Manhattan with her husband of 55 years.  Her first, and probably most famous title, A Woman of Substance has sold over 30m copies! Hang on, I’ll just sit down and say that again. Thirty million copies 😱 which places it nicely in the top ten bestselling novels of all-time. Respect.  That, to me, is sexy right there.

Now whether we like her genre, or writing style, is almost irrelevant. She must have a certain something (*makes mental note to buy copy from Amazon*) you have to agree. I’m eager to hear her tips, her advice. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about time management!

Brilliant – I’ve made a decision! The body blitz can wait …..

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