Mr Bean or a V8 growler??

Morning…. come and sit opposite me while I pause a little, giving the guys at the local garage time to wash the car inside and out. We are going to be offering it today in part exchange for something else … slightly random swap of Audi A8, V8, battleship armchair with enough g-force to increase your heartbeat rapidly in a very short space of time, to a VW polo (stay with me on this …)

If you’ve been here a while, you may recall daughter attempting a Richard Hammond in her own red polo? Well, she is in no position to buy a replacement (decent) car and only requires wheels at weekends when she returns from the big smoke.

Husband has decided to quit while he’s ahead in the old-cars-are-a-moneypit game and trade in the old girl.

We are today looking at not just any polo, but a 1.6 TDI. Fast enough to satisfy his need to overtake when he decides to, rather than when the engine has caught up with the driver’s foot, but still insurable for daughter to be included before she one day is in a position to save for and buy her own money pit!

I am actually quite excited. One of my guilty pleasures is cars, engines and driving generally. My first car was a Mr Bean yellow mini (in fact I have a photo somewhere so I should find that before pressing publish … but, damn it, that’ll take time and I don’t want your coffee to go cold). It stuck to the road like glue…

oooh look, here’s one courtesy of google images (take off the wheel arch additional flares, mine didn’t have those).

I’m so thrilled a few of my regular readers are following John’s story. I’m building towards a finale, but only because I need to focus on that big romance block buster…

Researching arranged marriages is so so fascinating and could easily lead this tale into a much deeper place than I shall take it this time. Do you know, that all 8 parts written to date and added together make 5,600 words already?!!!! Too long for the average short story competition in fact. (Too many exclamation marks … looks like a teenager’s text exchange… one exclamation mark gives emphasis but is more… sophisticated).

Gotta dash – car is ready!


14 thoughts on “Mr Bean or a V8 growler??”

    1. I remember those!!!
      Those first cars simply were a world away from teenagers’ ‘first’ cars now aren’t they? I would have thought I’d died and gone to heaven if my first car was a 5 year old polo such as daughter had. Mine was an Austin allegro in pageant blue with no headrests!!!! But it cost £600 only and I bought it with my own saved money 👌🏼

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