Truly, madly, deeply… Milan

Hannah and I landed at Milan Linate mid afternoon to be welcomed by blue skies and the setting sun …. what a contrast to UK’s persistent drizzle!

(That is boring indeed. Update it to poetry maybe?


Left the greys to find the Blue,

While far away I dream of you.

Time with her, just to be me,

Time alone to write, just to see.-


We travel together often. We rarely stick to a schedule or itinerary. When you find a travel companion who fits neatly by your side without squashing your own dreams, hold on to them… (yeah, that can stay) We eat together; we drink together, we talk and listen and sometimes we just are.The hubbub of babble is hard to say-But relaxes me in such a way,-The silence at home when you leave me to type-Has the opposite effect and try as I might,-Calm does not find me on any day. 🌸

For John’s story followers I promise I shall pick up where we left off … but just the next two days will you let me be me? Hair down, relaxed and calm. No expectations… I will share some thoughts with you though. (I’ve seen no decent vehicles yet Mike2all … I’m thinking of you though – can’t promise I’ll keep my mind on the job after another couple πŸ₯‚)

This post is so destined for Boringsborough – less than 10 likes and it goes into the bin . (Well this morning it has 10 likes but you should really have edited and added before pressing publish!) Where’s the cathedral….