Am I dreaming?

A fellow blogger, whose posts I enjoy, nominated me (MEEE 😱🙈) for this Mystery Blogger Award and I am so excited and grateful (and suspicious that she might have typed my name in error! That blogger is ..

stylethatright A fun place to sit back and listen to advice on style, make up and general lovely words.

I had to think of 3 things about me, which you didn’t already know … (and preferably wouldn’t send you into a zone of pre-sleep boredom)

1.  I am a farmer’s wife of 23 years, who never read the email – I don’t stick to the script of a traditional farmers wife. I don’t make my own mayonnaise or run a B&B. I choose not to wear tweeds because I prefer Boden (once items are in the sale anyway!). There are hundreds and thousands of traditional farmer’s wives around out there, dutifully making homemade supportive meals and loving every minute of doing so. I rarely cook a meal nowadays because I am too busy running my business and then I started blogging on top of that. I’m surprised he hasn’t traded me in for a newer 4WD version! (Actually I did make some cheese on toast once. Was so astounded, I blogged about it! It’s here.)

2. I am an only child, although did have a younger sister who sadly passed away from cot death, as it was called then, when I was three and she was about twelve weeks. I have talked about her more with my counsellor (about twice) in the last few months than I’ve ever done with mother over the 45 years since Lucy’s death. Mother never mentions her, nor are there any photos. I’ve never seen my sister.

3. I have one tiny tattoo on my wrist. My little star to remind me to always shine ⭐️ (whatever anyone else tells me).

Here are the list the rules for the next recipients of this mystery blogger award!

The 5 questions I was asked were:

What is your idea of a Perfect life? I think the freedom to be who I know I am rather than to live under the constraints of others’ expectations of what I should be.  Does that make sense?

Why did I start blogging and what is my favourite genre? In October last year, my FB friends were subjected to some of my longer ramblings, and two went as far as to say “You should so do a blog!”  (I’m unsure whether they just wanted to free up FB feed, or whether they genuinely thought my ramblings would be enjoyed by an audience further afield) …… (I’ve done the self-esteem course, so I’m opting for the latter :D) Aim number 1 is to make you laugh, even just a little.

5 Celebrities whom I would like to celebrate my birthday with

Daniel Craig.   OMG.  Just because.   Ok, you want a serious answer.  I’ve lived forever believing there was no better Bond than Sean Connery.  Matter closed.   But then Sam Mendes took over the direction of the 007 series and Daniel’s already excellent portrayal of the agent rocketed.   I think this has more to do with Sam’s perception of how an unobtainable alpha male needed to come across to his ready-made audience.   It also is probably why SKYFALL became the highest grossing Bond film of them all.

Sam Mendes.   I think it would be rude not to chat about life with this man, for reasons I’ve just explained.  (BTW, I’ve just found how to colour text – I’m so getting the hang of this – woo hoo!!)

Kenneth Branagh.  Oh my God.  Every character he has ever portrayed is a genius work of art.  My favourite?  ‘Wallander’ … the swedish detective with the volvo, and the complicated past?   Gritty, dark, so so real.   The filming of this series sucks you in to his life and the mysteries of why he is there and the estranged daughter who appears and stays and they rediscover communication.   

Prince Harry.  I like his spark.   Prince William is a star in the making, I’m so proud he will one day be our King.  But his brother … a little like Princess Margaret perhaps, hasn’t always read the script either and pushes the boundaries.  I relate to that.   His work with Invictus Games is truly amazing.

J K Rowling.  Just realised JK is the only female I have here.  Probably significant.  I’ve always enjoyed the company of men.  They fascinate me.  JK has mastered a male-dominated world and written about a boy.  One I’ve watched grow up, alongside my children.   There are not many words I can actually think of which would describe the respect I have for this writer.    We know how it started.   We know how it went.   Long may it continue. 

Funniest Moment of my Life This is so hard to answer.  I’m not sure I have one.   I had the most laughs whilst sat in the audience of Michael McIntyre’s Live shows (I’ve been to see him twice and would go again).   But if I’m to think of something thats happened to or around me which was funny …… I truly cannot think of anything.  How pathetic.  I need to give this some thought.

What is my favourite pastime?

Simple. People watching; then creating fiction.

So here comes the fun part.  Me choosing another 10 blogs in the hope I send them more ‘traffic’ ….. for reasons of entertainment, enlightenment or information relevant to writing, I choose the following blogs and truly hope the links work!



K M Allen


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Little Fears

If you can find the time my lovely ten people who have made me laugh, cry, widen my eyes in disbelief but got me thinking to answer these 5 questions if you choose to take on his nomination, I very much look forward to reading your replies.   Lets keep talking xxx

1.  What is your favourite colour and why?

2.  Take one piece of music with you to heaven; what would it be?

3.  Choose five adjectives which best describe you.

4.  If my book is ever published, will you come to my book launch? (ha ha)

5.  What is your favourite way to relax, truly unwind and forget everything?


OK, I’ll finish on good old grey.   Its been fun doing this, although I’ve popped my writing pieces on hold to meet this challenge.   Maybe I might see one or two more followers from it and I hope I bring more traffic to the ten I’ve nominated. 

Keep writing my friends.