Cheese honey ‘n pairs

Grammar and spelling, while essential to the finished work, can be placed to one side temporarily while a first draft is spat out, whether you are talking novel, short story, blog, email or text.

Before you press publish, post or send, you should ideally pause and re-read your work, taking the time to follow the advice of teachers since the dawn of time. “Checking it over before handing it in may gain you a whole grade!”.

It might turn my B- blog into a B+ (remember those? God, I’m old).

Let’s chew on an olive while we talk about this…

So I took a risk by creating a title which is incorrect. On purpose. My ‘B-‘ piece may have lost readers who did not bother to read past the poor title. They will never now discover my peculiar mind, occasional wit and half decent spelling abilities. But life is about risk-taking sometimes and hey; you’re still with me so I thank you for that. (Goodness these are salty aren’t they?)

This title could be an instruction to a loved-one to buy some cheese, and an explanation about the preference of sock numbers when needing to purchase new ones, it was in fact a choice on the menu at the beautiful restaurant along from the clothes shop Zara, where you sit outside (but forget to make a note of its name 🙄).

Cheese With Pears in Honey (and Lordy was it tasty. I’m so adopting the mediterranean way of eating when I get home)

There are a few sights which are truly awe-inspiring and being above the clouds, for me, is one I never tire of enjoying. Just take a look at that. Below was freezing fog when we boarded this hairdryer on wheels at Linate. The Airbus didn’t sound much different from a hairdryer I assure you as we climbed through that fog.

I placed the laptop on the duvet over my outstretched thighs yesterday and perched myself back against all the pillows, opened the lid and ‘Maud’ and started typing. Whether I become a writer who plans remains to be seen, but right now I place my fingers along the ‘home’ keys and away I go, deleting and checking and editing as I type. Even when I started this post, I had only a vague idea as to its final content. I found NaNo really hard. Crashing through word counts as if my life depended upon it. I created over 20,000 words yes, but many of those will be chopped before I show anybody.

Having said all of that, there will be nothing to edit if no words are typed. So type I must. My 3 days away have left me relaxed, yet focused on the task in hand. I would like to achieve 30.000 by the end of February. Ok? You heard it here and I give you permission to check in with me at that point (shit, why did I choose the shortest month).


The sun creates halos around itself.

The landscape is covered in snow.

A rippled arctic wasteland,

Off which the rays do glow.


Metal cylinders project a path,

37,000 ft above sea level.

Briefly borrowing a tube of silent

air through which to travel


Burnished golds of magical fantasies

Linger a few moments more.

Then icy blues and damp greys,

A darker sombre world of lore.

Gatwick 🌸

– Message to myself therefore is WRITE and edit a little as you go if it makes you happy, but don’t procrastinate too much – because there are editors who will look after the refinement.