Stems and tongue agility (#wordprompt)

Have a flower; to brighten your morning, day, afternoon or evening (depending on which part of the globe you are presently breathing air) 🌸

This – is it a gerbera? – was forlorn and facing down, its stem had failed to support the weight of the stunning flower and so I had to take it out from the arrangement – it was messing with my head. It needed some assistance so I’ve cut the offending stem and placed it in a dish and now it is staring up at the ceiling practicing backstroke and quite happy.

I neeeded a boost.

Today I had to face a lifelong I won’t call it ‘fear’ but a definitely dislike of the dentist chair. Not dentists per se … they are usually very lovely human beings doing their job.   I go for the annual check ups but I’ve been fortunate enough to not need any more invasive work for nearly fifteen years!  However, two days into Milan and my tongue tip simply would not be persuaded to leave a new sharp area on the back of the last molar (suddenly thought of Daniel Day-Lewis then).

On landing at Gatwick, I wheeled my carry-on along the moving escalator-floor thing,  placed a call to my dentist and had secured an appointment with the evil chair long before we reached passport control. Oh, I would make such a brilliant PA to Daniel Craig’s 007, I really think Moneypenny should step aside.

Wearing very bad sunshades and enduring the suction of the metal mini noo-noo, my friendly and highly trained dentist injected, numbed, picked, drilled, filled, cured and polished my back molar in 25 minutes from start to finish.  The offending piece of original tooth which had basically fallen away was giggled over, but I am actually wondering if I am starting to fall apart and the rate of living needs to be increased, not decreased, in order that I get it all in (because I assure you, I have a lot to do yet).

About three hours after I walked out, dribbling and mumbling into the phone that I’d “be home ‘oon” (because you can’t pronounce ‘s’ when your lips plus tongue are numb, take it from me) I finally felt the familiar tingle of feeling returning to the side, then tip of my tongue.   It was finally able to investigate its new surroundings and check out the dentist’s skills, reassuring itself that the tooth is intact, although feeling a lot like a rough concrete block right now, but we know it will become smooth over time.