Cry to laugh in eighteen seconds…

Part 10 is done. Some of you enjoyed it and I’m happy you did (catch it here.). I could have taken this mini series in many directions, and to be fair, I still could. For now, however, I will park the story while I concentrate on my main work in progress, a contemporary fiction set around an Italian vineyard. I am no longer stressing about John because he is with Riya and I am content about that. I’ll leave them alone now to really get to know each other.

I have books to read, writing to edit, ideas to type, ironing to ignore and my wellbeing to remember.

Feeling a little low this morning, I shared my emotional state with my online friends at the most amazing reading group called The Fiction Cafe Book Group. Within minutes, I had messages of encouragement fibre-optic-ing their way to me (its my blog; I’ll make words up if I need to!). I felt so much better and sometimes a specific aspect of life needs clarification; you knew what the answer was but needed to hear it from someone else too. This is ok. Because humans are pack animals and while we all need solitude sometimes, we also need to feel part of a clan of like minds. I get a little of that with you all here at WordPress, especially the few who take the time to say a word or two.

The book in the above photo is an anthology of short stories and was the previous choice by a member of a local book group which meets every six weeks. Tonight is the discussion for it. I’ve struggled to find time to read it because, I think, I’m itching to spend any non-work time writing. This is positive so I must not berate myself for not completing other tasks. We ask too much of ourselves sometimes and if I need to take a break from this book club, I should grab the bull by the horns, utilise my new cloak of self esteem and simply tell them.

I usually need some humour to help me back up the slopes of doom and today I found it when my son was watching one of the re-runs of TopGear, as was. I love these three stooges. The chemistry and banter between JC, JM and RH cannot be under estimated, whatever you think of the subject matter of their episodes. I’m aware JC has ruffled many feathers and is an incredibly politically incorrect character at times (and was an idiot when his fist made contact with a producer) and many people and lots of women don’t actually like him. But I do like him. A lot.

When these guys do daft things with cars, I am entertained 100%.

A handbrake test … a supposed £100 if these almost retro cars would stay put on this hill, held by handbrake alone, no engaged gear. My dad had the triumph dolomite illustrated in the first photo, which went on to fail this test miserably – as Hammond departed from the driver’s door, it rolled backwards down the hill!

My dad also had a rover SD1, which Jeremy Clarkson should be illustrating in the second photo …. he probably could have taken part in the test as instructed, but this is Jeremy, and he makes great telly!

It made me laugh.

I love to laugh.

Allow me to laugh.