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Who knows how to place a GIF into a post via the phone app?

Love a GIF … really want to know how 😀🥂

10 thoughts on “GIF”

    1. But on my phone .. the circle containing the plus sign only brings up photos … I know I’m being an idiot..
      GIFs I’ve accessed in comments on Facebook but nowhere else yet! 🙈


      1. I’ve never ‘saved’ a gif before: wasn’t aware you could!

        I’ve just discovered you can buy apps which are full of gifs (you’re impressed with me now aren’t you?!!!) … I’ve only recently started having fun with them, but only when answering peoples FB posts and in ‘comments’ you can press GIF and choose whatever ..
        To add one to a blog post, so I have to have chosen it from a separate app?


      2. Luckily I downloaded a free one… although I am still wondering whether I needed to do so at all.
        Turning the keyboard to ‘on’ I’m settings presumably would have given me access to some via my iPhone anyway?
        Live and learn!! 🌸


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