Or maple syrup? Or perhaps blueberries and whipped cream?

Naughty but nice. We don’t wait til Shrove Tuesday to eat pancakes; I make them all year round, once a week at least. My 6’3″ son eats them as fast as I can make them!

My personal favourite is thin and crispy around the edges, lemon drizzled over for a tongue tantaliser and some sprinkled fine sugar as the nurturing treat. Three or four of these and I’m good to go for the day.

I want to write .. I managed nearly 2000 words yesterday on my WIP. I need a title, maybe you can help? (Careful this an opp for your first synopsis – don’t FK it up)…

A mysterious old lady has left the contents of her will to Lucy, a distant relative who she met only two weeks before. Those contents amount to an Italian vineyard in need of serious update, the manager needing a sense of humour transplant (keep it serious).. The chance to travel has been evading Lucy for years so the need to visit the vineyard and meet the workers and assess its future is the perfect reason to explore outside her present boundaries.

(Hmmm I’ll give you 40% for that effort. I know but we’ve got to leave soon and I wanted to get it out. You KNOW you should never rush work, how many times have I told you? I know, I know, but the RIGHT time never presents itself when there are no distractions so sometimes you just have to go for it.)

Anyway, I’ve researched the Tuscany area and this vineyard will be out of the main area, and way behind the times…

Would you like an extract occasionally … like a tantalising tang or a sugary nurture moment? I’d love you to share Maud’s story (she was the old lady btw).

Titles can come right at the end. I just need to keep writing the story. Today however, is my son’s 18th birthday treat and he doesn’t know where we need to be for the 2pm show start.

Let’s just remind you I love cars. He does too – it’s he and I that watch those Top Gear episodes back to back… my husband loves cars too but he’d rather be chain sawing logs in the woods. He doesn’t really, if he’s being 100% honest, enjoy leaving the homestead!

Catch you later πŸš™πŸš“πŸŽπŸ˜‰