So why do you accrue the occasional follower whose site is ‘no longer available’ when you try to see their site ??

Are they spam?

Do they need reporting back to WordPress?

Having had the experience of fraudulent activity last year, I am on permanent alert mode for dodgy stuff …

59 thoughts on “Suspicious…”

    1. Finally the whirlwind of family requests have paused and I can sit still in front of this computer, phone next to me, and I can attempt to find the area you suggest …
      My site….
      (You don’t mind coming with me on this do you… 😆)
      Followers … ah yes (so much easier to navigate on the Big Screen!!)…
      Nice big red ‘REMOVE’ option…
      Goodnight to HER …
      and it’s over and out to HIM…
      (oooh this is better. Edit out the riff raff😆)

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  1. If in doubt, delete. I deleted two followers who were non-existent or ‘account unavailable’ so I figured they were spammers who couldn’t get through. Or someone reported them. Since then I’ve had a cigar company, hardware company and dog collar company follow me – geez! Also there are ‘shell’ WordPress accounts who don’t post but check out the action. Dalek voice ‘exterminate, exterminate…’

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    1. Hmmm … thanks for this heads up. It does not surprise me to hear that this ‘place’ is riddled with spam sites. Perhaps I’ll change the word ‘riddled’ to ‘speckled’ as I hope it’s not THAT bad (also I don’t like creepy crawlies and ‘riddled’ makes me think of those 🤣).

      Now, how to delete a follower I have yet to work out how to do, because the minute I touch their site name it just repeats ‘no longer available’ … I’ll google how! 🌸

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  2. I have been trying to send you the link to where you can report a blog to WordPress… But It seems it is detected as a spammy activity because there is a link… Ha, ha… Just type after the https:// ——- com/report-blogs/ ————- Hope this helps you Viola.

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    1. I’m reading your responses backwards I realise … but I’m glad I brought it up. A reading group I’m with online yesterday showed a site who regularly takes bloggers work and claims it as their own… 😬 .. whether you’ve got copyright symbols or not

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    1. It may be nothing to worry about…
      And I am ultra suspicious.
      My reasoning is, if a site is ‘unavailable’ then how is it ‘live’ enough to have just followed me… someone pressed the follow button ..

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    1. Apart from ones who nick your ID, worm their way into your life and finances and take all your money, testing a high street bank’s policy to the limit….😠
      A matter very close to my heart and whenever next attempts to steal from me with have my black belt moves to contend to 🔥🤣🤣

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      1. Is that the title of your new blockbuster? Or how you are feeling today….

        If the latter, don’t tell me. Its sleep. Or lack of a decent one? Sleep deprivation is a bastard …

        I bet its not too much vino because you’d be laughing about that. And you’re not laughing. (Don’t start sentences with ‘and’).

        Open mouth wide like you’re laughing (preferably with no-one around) … keep it open for a count of ten. Really stretch it wide. When normal service is resumed, I bet you’ll crinkle into a wee smile ….

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      2. Good man…
        I feel a little of you is returning to the surface.
        Now leave those characters alone… leave them to Will Smith in “I Am Legend” (now those were some fucked up zombie bastards) … and I’ll throw you a grape…
        I’m attempting to recreate that last lunch I had in Milan … I’ll show you later 👌🏼

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      3. I have just seen a post from Simply Ulla about bloody foot-care. She has a zillion followers and even blogged her wedding. She is only about twenty-eight and has expertise in every area. Give me a burning pyre for me to rest on…

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      4. No… I have not had the pleasure.
        Does she sell her wears with photos of her feet and other body parts?
        Humans react to visual stimuli; we know this much. She may be 28 with a zillion followers, but some of those might be Blood-sucking vampires on the prowl and people she, in real life, would not give the role of Day to.
        Who knows.

        One thing I do know – coz I’ve done the course – is we must not compare ourselves to others.

        You do you. Stay focused. Write. Bring your humour out to play again.

        I’ve been on Instagram for four years. I’ve only around 70 followers but I’ve met with some of them on my travels .. shared a gluten free lunch in Paris once with a gluten free blogger and instagrammer. How fun is that???

        Forget the numbers.

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    1. I’m going to double check mine later and they’re all going in the ether bin. Life’s too short to spend my hardly ‘free’ time communicating with anything or anyone other than true, genuinely interested and interesting peeps 💃🏼
      (Is my self-esteem running away with me there 🙈 must not turn into evil witch if Don’t Caredom 😬🤣

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