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A quickie today because I have a to-do list as long as my leg (usually they say arm but I prefer to think outside the box and it’s a bloody long list).

I have a children’s book to type up for a friend, about which I am starting to think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew because she’d like her words interwoven between her Enid Blyton-style illustrations 😬 (and there was me thinking I was merely typing up a rough draft. This amazing 83 year old lady and friend of 24 years has written it out on random pieces of paper. In pencil.)

She feels is it her final chance to get something in print before she is “too old” (her words not mine) and I am delighted to pause in my own humble writing efforts in order to assist in any way I can. All being well with the Big Man and I, I have time on my side.

Except I’m stuck. Truly. I’ve had advice given by lovely friends about websites that can sort formats for illustrated writings; I thank them and yet have done nothing further about it. I am concerned I am being a little tardy about it!

This is procrastination at its very best. The ‘work’ has now become a black cloud of worry and yet I know from recent learnings that it is within my power to alleviate those clouds by putting into action a change rather than stagnating and bemoaning.

So today is the day. I hereby allocate today to remove the cloud. This WILL come about because;

1. I find – and understand – an online children’s book format accepted by publishers if we choose to submit.

2. I make some calls to possible publishers and they suggest I send text separately to scanned illustrations (this would be lush but I know it’s unlikely).<<<<<<<<
ore about self-publishing and learn how to format myself (this I find brings me to the blackest sky ever)..

4. I give it all back to her and say find someone else … (I could never do this).<<<<<<<<
y proved that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Many of you, my lovely regulars, came up trumps with suggestions of how I might deal with those rogue sites (which had, I admit, caused a vague layer of irritating nimbo stratus for a few days). I thank you all for those .. I feel heaps better, even if follower numbers have decreased (I've always aimed for quality over quantity).

A blog I followed today is full of wonderfully uplifting poems .. check it out

m going to put the kettle on (I'm having earl grey – what would you like my lovelies? And should we have custard creams? One hardly matches the other does it – but I warned you I think outside the box ☺️).

IMG_8223 Aim – to feel less worried by end of today. Focus. Act.

First photo credit – Paul Mutton 2006)a href=””>Tardy</a&gt;