Gorgonzola, grapes and honey. No pickle thank you.

I had to. I’ve been dreaming about this mix ever since I sat in that café on the cobbled street watching passers by exploring Milan in the shadow of that gothic holy place exactly a week ago.

I had to attempt to recreate THAT luncheon I so enjoyed. Do you remember it?

I really needed it to look as similar in presentation today as I recalled it being last week, so when husband suggested pickle on the side of the plate, I quickly remembered the counselling and replied “You can; but I’d rather have it without, so the honey taste can shine through 🙃”

(Because any ‘nagging’ or ‘bossing’ by a wife is hardly equality is it).

Looking good so far, although I know the Gorgonzola is not the creamy creation we, Ortensia and I, discussed)

Now … how to create those petals of pear that the chef produced 😬

Knife worked better than peeler (Mike2all; are you here? Told you I would show you).

Husband insisted in consuming cheese biscuits with it and I bit my tongue and proceeded to daintily eat mixed mouthfuls of this nectar which surprisingly did not need anything else, so filling were the amalgamation of cheeses in one’s stomach.

Now satisfied; eating a whole family bag of M&Ms, watching The Grand Tour and deciding that photo blogs are not for me ….

Hey! At least I stopped worrying about the pony book after typing an email to someone who knows far more than I (I know narthing).