Sticky Toffee Pudding anyone?

As the dish went in the oven, I admit the ingredients could have looked more appetising. But this is the truth of the process; sticky toffee pudding before its glory on the plate, and the gunky sweetness which sticks to the back of your teeth. This photo is the real life part of the fantasy which will be the portion covered with cream, dribbling down across textured contours of sponge and jagged rocks of dates. Real life is the seven selfies you take before the one which is finally chosen for public scrutiny. That one becomes the fantasy. The image of what we ideally want ourselves to be.

In fact I had to bring it out again, because I forgot the components of the sticky bit. Dark muscovado sugar, unsalted butter and some boiling water … all sprinkled, dabbed and poured over the top before cooking commences. (That looks even worse).

Quality dates… most of which come from Iran apparently… create the dark rich taste of Nigella’s version here. I love Nigella’s approach to cooking; simplicity itself leaving time to enjoy the company of friends and family. And perhaps time to lick ones fingers on the stairs in a dressing gown… pants, the toffee sauce is so sticky, the spoon is stuck…

Today we are seeing friends in another county. I met her through ponies: my daughter had outgrown one and my friend (now of 10 years standing) had a son who needed a pony of that size. I say ‘need’ .. of course we parents never truly needed a pony, but once you start on the process of matching equine steeds to your offspring and safety being your top priority, you will travel far and wide for the ‘right’ animal. So as my husband drives and talks and I nod occasionally to show a little willing, but cheekily write this simultaneously, we have crossed the Thames and the border and entered the Garden of England.

I have made a new online friend this morning and her blog looks really cool, and this blogger also wants to be writing not procrastinating. Bingo. A writing buddy, like a running buddy can keep you on your fingertips. So we have agreed on a 1000 word goal

together. Let’s see if we make it ok?

I’m putting this phone down now before I go blind … have a great day folks!