Flash Fiction, Poetry

Flames of youth


The line of his jaw,

As he contemplated life.

The flicker of flame

Mottled the skin of his wife.


She had danced and laughed,

While he watched her close.

Her card was marked,

her flushed cheeks that of rose.


White collars, cigars and velvet,

Hidden from view in the attic,

He ages while his real self

Plays on like some fanatic.


Ok, that was just weird. The film and this poem. I’m going to bed and will delete this post in the morning if it receives less than 10 likes, because really, one should maintain some level of calibre 🤣

10 thoughts on “Flames of youth”

  1. On a side note, I’ve been watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy over the last two weeks and I just finished the Return of the King tonight , I’m reminded of how Great JJr Tolkien is at writing. I’ve never attempted to write any works of fiction, and after watching his movies I feel compelled to at least try. However I don’t know where I would begin haha 🤔😅

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    1. Awesome trilogy… beautifully filmed and wonderfully portrayed.
      However, I’ve never read the books (don’t shoot me, my lungs won’t take it)….
      how fun that you feel compelled to try some. Do it!!! JKT is a hard act to follow … you may wish to aim a teensy bit lower, not Golam height, more Gandalf height.

      Think of a short story .. say 1000 words. Mini goal to complete before Friday 😬💫

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  2. Picking chrysanthemums along the eastern fence,
    gazing in silence at the southern hills,
    the birds fly home in pairs,
    through the soft mountain air of dusk.
    In all these things there is a deep meaning,
    but when we’re about to express it,
    we suddenly forget the words.

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    1. I’m with you … and it’s why I rarely write poetry. My mind won’t work in the relevant patterns to create such a work. Although this daft thing I wrote whilst the film’s credits scrolled past has 19 likes, it’s not ‘sitting right’ in my mind, y’know? It’s not what I want to be about….

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