Thank you and Goodnight….

They’ve gone, they’ve gone!

The relatives have finally departed; early by some standards perhaps, but my now evident virus has gripped its spiky fingers around my tonsils and filled my skull with cotton wool, so I am grateful to be lying on the sofa listening to the air drawing through the woodburner like some distant train.

THEY were here to celebrate our son’s 18th birthday. (How did that happen?) I did not spend all day slaving over a hot stove, or making him a cake. We enjoyed a chinese takeaway which is his favourite, so who am I to argue? We had a conveyor belt of hands passing the rice and noodles! Gone are the days when he blows the candles out on a cake and we sing him happy birthday (actually, why didn’t you buy him one, he would have loved that as would his young cousins). Anyway mother would sing way too loudly trying to show off her operatic past 😖.

It meant I could spend today half working, half reading, half hoovering, half ignoring the ironing and half studying the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2018 for short story competitions because I haven’t forgotten my promise to you my lovelies 😊 (PS – I never was very good at maths).

The arrival of my parents usually sparks different behaviour from within. For some months now I have been practicing overriding the instinctive patterns of feelings I lived with whenever they were due to arrive. I would become so tense and anxious that I would snap and argue with anyone who dared come into my view, let alone sneak a sausage roll from a carefully laid out buffet.

I’ve learnt about the Amygdala. The area of our brain which apparently stores ‘body’ or implicit memories (as opposed to explicit memories; those garnered by us from the age of three or four onwards and which we recall often by a vision). Body memories are those instinctively adopted by babies and toddlers in reaction to our environment, those closest to us at the time, and particularly inspired from smells, sounds, sights etc and we learn by association because we do not have rational thinking at that age so cannot make a decision to avoid a situation which causes us trauma. I dislike the sound of soprano singing and have done for as long as I can remember.

The Amygdala is our ‘security guard’ and is permanently on the look out for danger (bless) but has no rational thinking (oh great 🙄). If we have grown up in an anxiety-provoking situation, this part of our brain becomes so used to being active preparing us for fight/flight, it becomes hypersensitive. Amazing isn’t it, the subjects we have covered in my counselling sessions, but I can honestly recommend it to anyone who has thought about asking for help with anxiety or any form of depression, to go ahead and do so because gaining even a little scientific knowledge about how and why we work gives us – or has me – a calming comprehension of others as well as ourselves.

I’ve missed you lot today. I was thinking about many of you, I wanted to reassure lovenlosses and Mike2all that I was down with the virus people, as opposed to anything more sinister. Oh and one of my lovely new followers takes the most stunning photos of nature … have you seen? You must MUST check his site out. I could just stare at each photo and disappear into it.. Pugwash!! (Great name Captn).

Anyway, strepsils and warm milk, then bed. Guess what? I’ve entered a 150 word comp… and a 16 word one! That was actually ridiculously hard to do, but I’ve started a ring binder with entry confirmations and everything and I am feeling all organised 💃🏼.

What I need now is sleep … ooh, did you see the moon tonight (only relevant presumably if you are UK-based 🙈🤣).

My attic window….. spooky!

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/conveyor/”>Conveyor</a&gt;

9 thoughts on “Thank you and Goodnight….”

  1. Nice read and full of tips for my mother in law next visit(well first after 6 years we barely spoke to each other or seen each other😱).with some stress I can handle my mother but someone’s else one ……it’s hard,mainly when not even that “someone” can😜.
    The moon was spectacular last night,or,“spooktacular”from your attic window😍🌕have a good day….relatives free.enjoy yourself❤️

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    1. 6 years is a long time .. goodness me. When her arrival is imminent, just remember Sarah Knight’s words from her third book … “You do You” as it works for both parties.
      She has to accept you for who you are or she’ll lose her son..
      And as soon as any comments start, remember she’ll be being herself and that’s not your responsibility.
      Adopt lots of reasons to leave the room spontaneously if needed .. “oooh, think I left the iron on!” … very effective at leaving a bully treading water, then come back in “cup of tea Margo?”
      It’s your home. 👌🏼🥂

      Sun is shining so today is looking lovely here, thank you. Enjoy a peaceful day too 🌸


      1. Time when I tried to please are well gone.now I’m “me”,take it or leave it and most important thing….in don’t care about the judgement but the sin must take a couple of days off😉enjoy ur day too dear.sunny here too but very cold😀


  2. An entertaining read and informative. The amygdala is also affected by anorexia. I learned this when a family member was struggling with it. The starvation of anorexia throws off the amygdala and the person finds it difficult or impossible to make decisions.It is such a small little space in our brains but a very important one.

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    1. Wow … how interesting and sad in fact. Thank you for that. This sort of biology I find intriguing whereas the sort I was taught at school (omebas and hydras- remember those?! 😆) sent me to sleep


  3. Finding the structure to create a work of fiction is difficult, I don’t think I can accomplish 1,000 words Viola , plus .
    I discovered that to write AMAZING stories like the Great Authors . You have to join a covenant of necromancers and they are so committed to their necromancing job. That they rub the ashes of their ancestors on their body so they can channel the spirits of the Dead which direct them in their activities. These necromancers are the ones in charge of creating the sacrificial robes for the Illuminati , so that Their Comfortable when sacrificing Scottish Babies ,driving a black-greenish poisoned dagger deep in their hearts to extract their fear fluid. which they then rub on Dick Cheney’s balls to keep him alive. Because he doesn’t have a heart or brain he’s just filled with a black pulpy mash that falls out trucker’s mouths when they expire from methamphetamine overdoses. So keep him going you got to rub that s*** on his balls otherwise he’s going to explode, and that explosion will create a black hole that will suck all of us into the mouth of The great rooster god Abraxuxs
    I requested to join these Necromancers but I never got a reply,
    which is why I suck at writing stories


    1. IMHO (and abbreviations I know you will hate ☺️) you have in fact written right there over 200 words which were thought-provoking, and they had the potential to take me into some surreal world. Chaucer may not have approved, I give you. Stephen King however I believe would grab you by your intelligent ears, place you in a white room and close the door, take temporarily from your brain the comparison website in order that you write unencumbered from a misplaced belief that your work needs to be ‘a certain way’.
      Take that black mush; add an army leader of a certain calibre whose father had refused to rub anyone’s body parts in order to survive and had died a terrible death. You’ll find a thousand words.
      Just have fun with it lovely 💫🥂 you’ve still got two days 😉

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    1. How interesting!!
      The effect our parents have on us can be profound … and long-lasting. I’ve learnt so much though; it’s been a huge help.
      I’ve changed MY behaviour (rather than waiting in vain for her to change hers) and she has had to adopt a different set of reactions which is quite amusing to witness …. 💃🏼


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