Birdsong twinkled it’s way in, alongside dappled light through jiggling leaves and the smell of fresh coffee all contributed to those first seconds of the day.

Riya stretched and her toes peeked out from under the white cotton sheet. John had promised she would love England and he had not been wrong. She blinked and the view beyond the window dazzled her senses. The blue sky was dotted with distant whisps of cloud and as Riya sat up and pulled the sheet around her, a small blue and yellow songbird fluttered onto the windowsill. She watched as it cocked its head from side to side, jerky little movements and a simple hop to face back out to the garden.

“Good morning you.” John was entering the room with a small tray on which mugs of tea steamed. He placed the tray on a large wooden box at the end of the bed.

A ripple of wingbeats and the bird was gone, “oh no, you scared it!” Riya swished to the window and leaned out a little way to breath in the fragrance of roses climbing the stone wall outside. “It’s truly beautiful here John. So … green!”

“You’re beautiful.” His hands found her waist and the sheet teased his palms as he felt the warmth of her skin through it. She twisted round on the spot and the material gathered itself at her waist. “I think I need you again.” He took her face carefully in his hands and kissed the tip of her nose, then her left cheek then her right.

Her breath escaped against his stubble and as he placed his lips on her neck, she put her arms around his and the sheet slithered to the floor…..


(I was missing John and Riya, weren’t you? ☺️)