Priorities and Hagrid

Happy Sunday lovelies… I’ve been thinking about how I missed you yesterday, while I also thought of;

1. Adding to my manuscript for the RNA deadline for August.

2. Short Story competitions (Jospeh???) – I have entered four so now I must sit back and forget about it because the closing dates are lightyears away and they will have lost my entry in their spam system by then anyway (but I enjoyed the process immensely).

3. Thinking hard about taking RIYA and developing her into a ‘strong heroin’ for a Mills & Boon competition open for submissions now until 14 February. They only require the first chapter, covering letter and synopsis… if you are chosen, you then get your arse in gear and crack on with the rest of the 50,000 which they would expect.

4. The ironing, but not that seriously.

4. The twitter account I started eleven days ago and whether it’s been a valuable extra social media platform or merely a waste of my precious time.

5. The lack of food in my cupboards.

Harry Potter. What happened there? Ah yes, he grew up into quite a sexy creature.ย Because time stands still for no-one.

Note to self – PUT THE FUCKING PHONE DOWN AND WRITE – (now you will lose followers for swearing- it’s not ladylike) …. (ok but it’s me. They know me now, they’ll stay around because they feel the same sometimes.)

Instagram…. viola-bleu

Meanwhile I am half way through this genius thriller by Louise Jenson. I’ve read her other two ‘The Sister’ and ‘The Surrogate’ … both in the autumn and they were fabulous. I shall do a review when I finish it…

6. Oh yes, let’s add ‘reading’ to the list of things I was procrastinating about yesterday.

I need to go and lie down while I work out what to do first!!