I just fell off my swivel chair from laughing out loud; seriously!

You have to read this!!

Trust me, I’m a doctor, of funny bones.   Mike2all writes in such a style, recalling events in his life past and present, choosing to share them encased in a type of humour which is right up my street.

I promise I wouldn’t share with you, my precious friends, anything which is unworthy of your time, and while I have chosen to spend today editing RIYA and JOHN for a Mills & Boon competition (I know, right? *mouth gapes open*) it means I cannot make you laugh myself today.   (I thought I was adequate at multi-tasking but turns out this editing lark is actually quite serious and time-consuming).

Please give Mike a like … and by the way, where is Joseph Beech? Have I missed his genius 1000 word story challenge?