I just fell off my swivel chair from laughing out loud; seriously!

You have to read this!!

Trust me, I’m a doctor, of funny bones.   Mike2all writes in such a style, recalling events in his life past and present, choosing to share them encased in a type of humour which is right up my street.

I promise I wouldn’t share with you, my precious friends, anything which is unworthy of your time, and while I have chosen to spend today editing RIYA and JOHN for a Mills & Boon competition (I know, right? *mouth gapes open*) it means I cannot make you laugh myself today.   (I thought I was adequate at multi-tasking but turns out this editing lark is actually quite serious and time-consuming).

Please give Mike a like … and by the way, where is Joseph Beech? Have I missed his genius 1000 word story challenge?

17 thoughts on “I just fell off my swivel chair from laughing out loud; seriously!”

  1. I keep constructing and deconstrucing , the pompt is worth more than just 1000 words , its emberassing posting a fictional story. It must be presented the best I can possibly make it!
    And im working long days in the Lab
    I promise it will be good hopefully….
    In other news have you seen the Launch of the Space x Heavy Rocket?
    It was Suuuuuper exiting !

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    1. That’s a good thing…. if you feel it can’t be squeezed into 1000 then perhaps don’t… if it is better told in 1200 or 1300, then make it so. Don’t scrimp on quality in order to fit a quantity 😊

      This is truly exciting now…. and good things come to those who wait.

      The initial setting of the goal with a word count and time limit is what motivated you …. now you are refining; editing. It’s a good sign so no pressure – enjoy it!

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      1. Choose an upbeat track, turn up the volume, dance crazy while no-one watching til you’re out of breath and then sit, flatten hair back down, flex fingers and say “Right. Where were we…”
        This works well for me 😃


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