Answers on a postcard please..

Are any of you guys runners or joggers and know about times?

I’ve got a fit, healthy and competitive late 30s male (in my book; not stood sweating in my kitchen) who has just returned from a 4k morning stint to keep his fitness up and he’s looking at his wrist watch thingy and he’s quite pleased he’s just beaten his previous personal best.

I’ve got 16 minutes. Is that way out? Too slow? Too fast?

He’s been running regularly so let’s call him marathon-fit. A quick 4K was all he had time to do before work today!

So I just need a number on his wrist which will impress people who might read it and who run because there’s nothing worse than reading a piece in which the author has evidently not done their homework.

Research darling, research 💙


UPDATE – going to choose a time of 17:48. This is competitive (but he is; he runs four marathons a year) so 17 minutes is really good, but we had to have some seconds for authenticity and it’s my book and I’m 48, so ta-dah 💃🏼🤣🤣

12 thoughts on “Answers on a postcard please..”

      1. This is a shrewd move … you are letting no-one down.
        It is best you return to the keyboard with renewed energy and ideas to maintain your high level of entertainment.
        Parts 3 and 4 have gone into high like numbers …. enjoy that.
        A day off here and there will not result in lost followers … stay warm.

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  1. I’m a runner! I have another blog about running (although I haven’t written in it for a month or two) – anyway – I think your number sounds very legit. I run a 5K in about 25 minutes. Boys (ahem) Men go faster than the ladies – at least fit ones generally do. Anywho – I think your time is totally believable.

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