The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

Heavy eyelids gave only a little away as to what the new day may hold but as she took that first deep breath and exhaled slowly and stretched, cool air kissed her shoulders and the view outside became clearer. Narnia!

Dark green firs dusted with snow reminded her of granny’s Christmas cake decorations and pushing herself to a seated position against the soft headboard, she let her tired body relax. Snowflakes raced diagonally behind the windowpanes, yet further away they appeared to fall in the opposite direction and as she watched their mesmerising silent dance, she noticed their size reduce, smaller and smaller in front of her very eyes.

Disappointment almost etched itself on her face; the childish excitement at seeing snow falling had run to the window breathing on the panes, creating fog circles while she prayed for more to come. But her adult self remained leant against the headboard focused on the now tiny particles floating slowly in the air, almost unsure which way to go.


Then Mr Tumnus came up with a cup of milky tea…..

Morning my WordPress gang.

I’m feeling focused and giggly today. And my F*****G headache has gone 💫 …. it visits with disgusting regularity. I’d love to say monthly and we’d all be able to nod wisely and put it down to hormones but it prefers my company far more frequently. Bastard; really I should place a clear FUCK OFF message on the door.

Anyway. No more headache talk because I’ve got three more pages to edit for John and Riya …. I’ve condensed and taken out about a billion of the word ‘and’ … how did that many get in there?

So today I plan to type an introductory letter (again, needs to be concise and professional and no rambling. Pants – if only the instructions said “ramble away; the more the merrier!”)

Plus a synopsis. Shit. That’s one of those thingmybobs which shows the basic outline of the whole story in an intriguing and interesting nature which makes you want to read it, right? Like the blurb on the back of a book?

None of this – John did this and Riya did that, then they went home for tea but John fell off his bike and Riya laughed. Remember writing like that at primary school??

Ok. Tea is drunk – I told it to fill its belly with milk before it went out.

Have the most productive day and I’ll see you back here tonight to catch up on all your goodies xx