24 hours with Viola won’t cost you $1,000,000

But it might leave you peckish if you haven’t had breakfast…

Nothing like a Shell garage heated-too-quickly snack to fill a hole, and burn the roof of your mouth.

What is it about the sanctuary of your own car as a teensy place to sit and contemplate stuff? Builders en route to work, wearing the statutory uniform of paint-encrusted old jogging bottoms once designed for greater things all queue for coffees and burgers. They compete for the most male stance in a queue – it’s cute actually, like any group of young male mammals strutting their stuff.

Then you’ve got the sensible grown up people in middle-class Volvos with bicycles 🚲 perched on the top, family politely obeying the rules – off on a weekend away breathing in the air of some English hill somewhere because they are fit and they are going to stay fit.

(How many times do you debate which coffee to ask the machine to spew out, only to revert to type and punch hot chocolate?)

And then there are the suits. They vary from Vauxhall-driving salesmen types (we all need those 👌🏼) to the red F-type owner who… are you serious – has asked the attendant to fill his car up?! Maybe it’s some Sheikh or other … he has certainly caught the attention of the builders!

Second course? Or should we save that for later. I bought these for you; I know you have a sweet tooth 🌸

Oooh, there’s a roar and a rumble just started. So excuse me… I’m just going to test this VW polo ….🤪