Breakfast at Tiffany’s

One of my favourite films…

Audrey’s Holly Golightly was so forward-thinking for the time, using her charms to maintain her chosen lifestyle for a while … and what a gem was George Peppard’s character. If you recall he did not judge but befriended in a kind and funny manner while maintaining alpha properties; that’s an art and extremely attractive. Great film.

My favoured earl grey steeping.. what shall we have with it? (I warned you I would drag you along during this 24+ hours) … and we are reading a friend’s arc (advanced reader copy) while we have Breakfast at Masson de la Vie.

What would you choose if you were with me from this table stocked with luscious sweet and savoury treats? Or should we have something from the menu….

Once again, a taste of Europe … they do it so much better.

Basket of Bread methinks.. 😋

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