Red Crush #februarywriting

In response to February writing prompts .. Take part here!

The neglige clung to her thighs as the breeze blew in through the open door, and the red silk fluttered against the goosebumps across her skin.

‘Jake?’ She whispered out into the cold air. Nothing. ‘Jake?’ a little louder this time. Still nothing. She closed the door and a waft of icy air danced round her legs, snowflakes sneaking inside for a brief warm up before regretting their chosen path.

She searched for a coat and Jake’s slip on loafers before once more opening to door, admittedly a little anxious. He had said he would just fetch something from the car and that was five minutes ago.

As she reached for the catch, she heard the key and stepped back as a vast bunch of red roses entered dragging behind a snow-covered Jake, grinning like a child.

‘Sorry beautiful; the car door had iced up! Happy Valentines Day.’ and he kissed her forehead as she took the flowers and admired the petals, a soft fragrance filling the air.

‘Thank you!  I don’t have anything for you, I feel awful but it’s days away yet!’ she pretended to pout, but Jake placed the flowers gently on the table before wrapping his arms around her.

‘Oh yes you do!’