Apologies to no-one!

Thank goodness I bought two boxes. Half term and even 17 year old children appreciate a few home comforts, such as Eton Mess, thrown together in seconds – looking and tasting Ab Fab 🌸

But before mummy glances over at the linen apron hanging by the cooker with a vague notion she might do some kitchen stuff (and never worn since the day it was admired and purchased in the kitchen shop) mummy needs a sugar-boost. Nothing like a meringue to hit the spot, fizzing on the tongue…

I’ve been delivering all morning, negotiating country lanes with my tank (an Isuzu Denver double cab truck) and attempting to be a big grown up person – listening to some classic audio stories.

Hugh Laurie was reading Great Expectations to me and while I concentrated really hard to visualise the story and ‘get’ Charles Dickens’ writings so I can claim I am educated in the writings of scholars, may I admit I struggled with it?

Is it me? I’m quite positive the last time I looked I was not ‘above’ it – on the contrary, I know in fact that I am lacking in classics. Mother in law delighted in lending me her CD collection and I was genuinely pleased to welcome the chance to multi-task.

These are seriously dusty … have you ever bitten into one and breathed in simultaneously? I don’t recommend it… near death coughing experience will follow. *Dampens down hair and regains composure* (They never noticed a thing πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ).

I was bored. QUICK! Strip that girl of all reading material until further notice…. I’m sorry, I was. But it may be more to do with where my brain is right now.

(mmmmmm… can’t waste that)

I’m enjoying reading thrillers or love stories right now and I think it’s ok to admit this to myself. I’ll save the classics for another day.

Here, would you like the last one? 🌸


(PS – I submitted a potential chapter 1 to the Mills&Boon competition; nothing to lose and only valuable lessons to gain from the guaranteed feedback, right? Β Just wanted to share that with you; my loyal lovelies)