O…. M …. G

😭😭😭😭😭 sniff..

JoJo Moyes

‘Me Before You’

This is not a chic lit light romance romp. It deals with the heartbreaking decisions a quadriplegic feels forced to make. A man in his prime, with his previous life stolen from him, and a girl who is employed as his carer trying to change his mind during her 6-month contract, about an appointment in Switzerland.

Now I’ve read some romances in my time. I’ve read some tear-inducing scenes in some well-written books. But I kid you not, never have I read such a stunning and visionary portrayal of love as JoJo has created here.

I challenge anyone of you who has not read this to try it – and that includes all you men who follow my blog. Even if you have to camouflage it in a copy of Science Weekly Edmund, or Mens Fitness Mike, or DT’s latest works CeaslessReaderWrites… I implore you read this.

You trust me now anyway don’t you gentlemen? You have wives or partners? Then you’ll laugh out loud at the family descriptions. You may have children of varying ages? An elderly father who comes to tea and eats whilst staring wistfully at the ceiling for no apparent reason? Then you’ll relate to this.

There is no sex. Yet the chemistry is palpable (and you know that’s my fav).

Please do it.

I’m shattered. I’ve just finished the epilogue and need a cuppa and one of Ortensia’s cupcakes for shock…

Normal service resumed tomorrow🌸