Happy Sunday Afternoon… πŸ–Œ

Oh the irony…. today marks this achievement, if it can be described as one:-

100 posts, with varying levels of interest to you – and, believe it or not, containing over 23,000 words in 2018 posts alone which could have (should have?) gone on the manuscript!

But I’ve enjoyed blogging and in essence, the mini self-publishing exercises, have helped build my self-esteem from where it was before I started. So that’s a good thing and I thank you for your company as it has encouraged me to continue.

However, this book won’t write itself will it. Going to knuckle down this week and hammer through some wordels. I have learnt much from having those short stories edited, primarily that the finer detailing can be dealt with later. No longer will I fiddle and faff with these previous 21,500 words.

So many authors and aspiring authors say time and time again; JUST WRITE IT and then sort it.

Where were we …. ah yes, Tuscany….

So this is my present state of affairs. What’s yours?


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