Sausage roll anyone?

Bugger … I only put that in to warm up (two hours ago) … then started watching the film version of ‘me before you’.. based on JoJo’s book I finished recently.

Didn’t think I’d need tissues; after all, I knew what was going to happen didn’t I? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Charles Dance’s portrayal of Will’s downtrodden father, who suddenly finds his voice after over thirty five years of marriage is worth a watch alone!

I needed Will to be as appealing on screen as I found him to be on the page. Sam Claflin gave that to me and while moving only his eyes and head through the whole film, obviously, still manages to depict anger, humour, hate, love and pain.

Emelia Clarke is suitably ditsy, pretty and engaging and slowly learns that her own life is so small and during her six-month contract as carer, Will encourages her to push her boundaries, to ‘live life’. Love that.

Whether you approve of the storyline’s conclusion or not, the film takes onboard JoJo’s message from the book.

She wants to give her life to him.

He wants to give her life to her.