Armageddon Ice-age is coming ..

Allegedly. This weekend onwards for at least a week. Siberian winds and icy temperatures such as we haven’t experienced in recent years in the UK for longer than a day or two.

Let’s make a lasagne while we talk weather.

Being a farmer’s wife, the weather has always featured in our day, many times a day. It’s watched on tv, researched on the iPad, information garnered from fellow farmers.

Why do so many children dislike mushrooms? Texture like slugs maybe.

A good lasagne always includes pieces of fine bacon.

Snow next week … quite possible so they say, those experts who warn but no longer speculate fully. Not like Michael Fish did on that fateful night in, was it 1987?

“A Mrs so-and-so called in earlier to ask if there was a hurricane coming. I can assure you that there is not hurricane coming Mrs so-and-so.” ….. whoops.

I do like to swill the dolmio jar out with a glug of red wine; ensures all the sauce has been gathered, a good base to which I add other ingredients, like a carton of this lush tomato purΓ©e.

Son is due back from college this evening… he loves this dish preferably with lots of crispy cheese on the top.

SNAP go the pasta sheets when you break corners off in order that they fit into the dish and hide all the mince mix. Don’t stint on the cheese in the sauce either – I like to drizzle a little sauce between each layer as well as oodles on the top.

It’s going to be the windchill factor mainly which will get us. Don’t put those gloves and scarves away just yet. Temperatures barely above freezing during the day and down to minus goodness knows what at night. Sudden stratospheric warming is to blame high above the North Pole. So they say.

ooops, made too much. That’s a mini one for the freezer then. I’m so on this right now πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Guess what? As well as cooking today, I’ve hoovered downstairs! I’m so excited by my achievements because I also managed to type about the vineyard. Lucy has met Matteo who is lazy and no longer cares about the business since the old couple passed away.

Oh, and let’s not forget in the background, out in the workshop in the barn, the washing machines were washing horse rugs all day, and clients will start politely texting next week when they want their horses to be wearing an extra layer.

Salad. I need a salad to go with this, but that’s a measly looking collection of fridge tenants.

No… it’s ok. I’m resourceful if nothing else … I CAN DO THIS.

oooh and there’s basil on the windowsill … have I any onions left? Yes! Result. One of my favourite salads:- simple onion, tomato and basil in oil.

Man of the Woods has cut enough logs to fuel a nuclear power station, so the woodburner will be roaring all next week day and night. I don’t like the cold.