It’s cold outside – do you need warming up? Let’s talk sex…

I’ve just written the first (of a few planned) sex scenes in my manuscript. It is not a ‘door closed’ book where the reader feels only the chemistry but details are left to the imagination.

There is a lot of advice out there about writing such scenes. Some people believe there are rules one should follow; others suggest writing what you’d like to read, or like to experience.

I know my characters and I pretty much know what makes them tick. Naturally there will be inner struggles which will cause them some conflicts but along the way that surge of passion will dictate some scenes … as happens in life.

I located a pair of headphones upstairs (tidying up) today which I’d bought my son – before he bought his own Bluetooth set negating his need of these.

I used them to listen to some tunes which get the blood pumping, and whatever we feel about the ’50 Shades’ books or films, this black and white shot of desire in motion does it for me. The soundtrack to the film is half decent with a couple of recognisable Top40 hits.

I’ve enjoyed writing today. Maybe it’s the monk’s influence having an effect already. 🥂💪🏼

Have a great week – keep your shovels handy. And give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve survived visiting relatives 🌸