His skin was warm and inviting.. she had to touch him

Lying on her right side, her left arm was free to explore under the duvet towards his sleeping form.

His breathing was slow, deep and regular with the occasional intake of breath a gentle snore.

She’d not slept for a while but instead just lay in the dark listening, absorbing the moment and storing it as a memory.

Just enough light to see his profile, his beautiful head supported by the pillow. She could smell warm skin.

Dare she reach over and touch him… her left hand spider walked across the mattress unsure precisely in the dark where his torso would start.

Then she felt him; his T-shirt, lose against his side. He was lying on his back and her fingertips found his relaxed abdomen, flat and kissed with dark hairs.

Her fingers followed the elastic of his shorts very slowly. Across to the other side, then back. She heard the change of breathing pace and realised it was her own.

Under his T-shirt was warmer and even asleep his toned front lay there, protecting him.

Higher still her hand travelled, to the wider part of his body. His chest rose and fell and instinctively she moved closer and lay her head against his rib cage.

Only a few centimetres between her ear and his heartbeat, which was clearly audible and racing.

So perhaps he was not asleep. Neither spoke. Her hand moved across the contours and back down while she resisted the urge to squeeze him towards her, or better style climb over his thighs.

She did allow her silent lips to touch his side and breathed him in as her fingers once again found his shorts.

Naughty finger tips, investigating beneath the elastic, where the skin had taken on the pattern of the material….. her imagination was running wild!

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