Writing about food and food photography

A well-travelled Romanian cook, photographer, explorer, traveller, multi-linguist wordsmith. Thank goodness your beautiful blogs are in English because here in England most of us are very lazy at learning foreign languages, let alone writing blogs in a language that is not one first. Yes, of course there are some English people who speak more than one or two foreign tongues but they are few and far between!
Lovely recipes and your planning stages and your photography research truly pays off. You have a stunning blog site here on WordPress 🥂 and one I am proud to share with my followers ⭐️

Cooking Without Limits


I don’t know how it is for you, but for me writing about food takes time and patience. Preparing a post means more than writing in WordPress and adding photos. I wrote most of my post on paper. Inspiration came when I was not in front of the computer, so a pen and paper were best. Now I always have on me or around the house pen and paper. I don’t write on my phone because it takes more time than writing on the paper, but this is just me. Do what is comfortable for you, not others.

I have a huge list of future recipes with great photos, but all those photos need to be resizes  otherwise even my Premium Plan on WordPress will not be enough. I get them ready before adding to the post. I want that all my photos make you feel hungry or sending you…

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