Before we start today’s meeting, can I introduce you please to ….

An amazing man.

A fellow blogger.

An loving husband and father.

A sufferer of anxiety.

A genius writer.

A fighter.

I WANT to see him finish his book 👏🏼

Last summer he wrote this humbling and deeply moving piece of writing which today has had me in tears, then giggling through them.

He likes to laugh. He needs to laugh. Go make him laugh …. oh, and Mike? You’re in a new reading group. Details to follow 🥂

Mike must have found this place … on occasions, as he is still very much here. I am honoured to have met him in this WordPress World and delight in all of his posts.

This post I share of his today he wrote over half a year ago. He reblogged it to on his own site a few days ago to remind himself how far he had come. A pat on the back from us all Mike 🥂

Mental wellbeing hurdles touch us at different levels at different times of our lives, sometimes only fleetingly and sometimes they hang around.

The fact we can openly talk about it and hold each others’ hands is the beauty of the internet 💻

(My bath water’s gone cold, but at least I didn’t drop the phone📞 but the skin on my toes is looking awfully shrivelled and messy 😖)

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