Writers MUST read, says Stephen King and many other published authors

I just had to start with a GIF; I just love them and we haven’t enjoyed one for a while have we? Look at this baby’s face; that fascination with shapes on a cardboard page. Colours perhaps, faces which we all know babies zone in to from a very young age.

Our desire to hold and communicate with any form of reading material is born with us. Some let it slide and prefer instead to develop dexterity in other areas, such as my son. By four he could just about write his name when he started school, but give him a ball – rather than a book -of any shape or size, and he would hurl it through the air using his right shoulder for propulsion, aiming for and often making contact with some previously decided location on his horizon.

When he was two and his neat two-plaits big sister was at school, devouring the reading scheme books with ease (but who couldn’t catch a balloon from three paces), I took him out. Everywhere. I was determined the next generation of farmer in this family would not be shy of leaving the village boundary and I had two years of 9am-3pm alone time with him to lay the base of interest and intrigue in his mind outside the farm, while his dad did the Man of the Woods and tractors bits onsite.

I digress (never) because I was talking about reading and that spark of something – happiness maybe – we feel when we engage with words which strike a cord or make us laugh. Or cry in my case. I luurve a weepy (they know that πŸ™„ oh yeah).

You know when you’ve written a blog, a poem, a short story, 2000 words on your WIP (that would be nice… sometime, when you’re ready) you feel quite satisfied and sit back and press publish, or throw the phone to one side like it is covered in the plague and you ‘shalt no longer need it pray’

It’s that same part of our brain engaging which the baby has tapped into in the first GIF. When Mike writes about his old cars, for example, he relaxes. You can hear it. Well I can but I’m weird.

Joseph Beech, another clever blogger friend is also writing and has experienced that questioning thing which gets in the way. Check out his Part 1 of something he has dreamed up and I find rather fascinating. Joseph’s writing takes some concentrating but if you look, you will see depths and hidden whispers. Well I do, but I told you – I’m weird!

He and I were idly chatting yesterday about the possibility of starting a little reading club. Just a silky bit of literary chit chat fun, nothing pressured like wallcharts and marks out of ten.

We thought some of you might like to join in and read perhaps a chapter of a chosen book and all ‘meet up’ on a set day, across a 24hr span perhaps? To chat and share or thoughts on the same chapter.

It will be no pressure because usually there is a whole book to wade through and I just cba (as my daughter would text these days) when I’ve got really important things taking up my valuable time…. like my present rather sexy read; have I shown you? Sshhh … the main lead? He’s mine πŸ–€

I’m so excited – I sort of know the author!!! πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ₯‚. I am SERIOUSLY impressed with this author.. she has written a trilogy (this is the first) and self-published then. OMG .. I’ve just had genius on-the-spot idea … I shall invite her on for a guest blog spot .. yes!! Once I’ve finished this, ok? πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Anyway, Joseph and I wondered if anyone would be interested in a chapter reading club… so here’s me asking you to let us know in my comments with a simple YES (preferably followed by an emoji because life is too serious without them) …

Book choice to be agreed – perhaps you could suggest some and we can pluck from a choice of 10.

Bagsy I bring the popcorn coz I like it sweet where those pieces have sat in the toffee a bit too long 😍