Little House!

You know when someone let’s you into their mind so openly and shares their passion about something. You realise that’s an honour … whatever the subject matter of their blog, it’s human sharing at its best and always leaves me feeling warm and cuddly. Loved this post ☺️🌸


In my eyes this has got to be the most touching show ever, I love it so much i think I’ve seen every episode a thousand times or more.When my daughter’s go to my mum’s for a sleep over or even a couple of hours if ‘Little House’ is on she’ll says ” that’s your mum’s favourite programme ever when she was a wee girl”! I remember when the school bell rang on a Thursday for home time,i would run home to sit in front of the T.V to watch it,I was so excited!

The first episode aired in 1974 I’m sure ” Harvest of friends” when the Ingalls family moved to ‘Plum creek’ near ‘Walnut grove! Charles better known as Pa got a job at Hanson’s lumber yard to help build ‘The little house’and this is where it all began.

I was 8yrs old and I absolutely loved Laura…

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